Mice Full On

For the last few years my house has been mice full on.  There is a crack under the door that I can’t (or won’t) do much about which has become an open invitation to every desert rat to come party between the rafters of my ceiling at night time when we are trying to sleep, and to poop in my cutlery drawers right before company comes for a cook-over.  Finally this winter I thought I had the problem licked, but when TK was installing the new hall cabinet we found a seemingly fresh and soft mouse nest under the toe-kick of the old cabinet.

Automatic Door Opener

Thomas traveled to A-Z West from NY, in part to make progress on the Wagon Station Vacation this weekend.   On Saturday he rigged up this experimental door opener for the drop down front hatch.  The hatch is tricky because it was originally designed to open upward, but Jonas re-engineered it to drop down so that it can function as steps or seating.  The only problem with this is that the entire thing is ungodly heavy and two very strong people can barely open and close it.  Thomas has been trying to figure out a fool-proof (non people squashing) mechanism so that one person can safely open and close the door.  Right now the verdict is still open between the pulley system shown here, hydraulic lift system that TKs dad might be able to engineer, and some sort of a boat winch.

New Rain Visor for Hauptman Wagon Station

On Tuesday TK Smith put the new rain visor on the Hauptman Wagon Station.  The station was originally customized by Jonas Hauptman (who super-sized his station by adding extra sections) but when Jonas left california to pursue a job opportunity the structure began to languish in the desert elements.  Now Thomas Stevenson has stepped up to overhaul the unit and turn it into a “Wagon Station Vacation” where people can stay when they visit A-Z West.  On his last visit Thomas cut new floor boards and sealed the with spar varnish – the new “visor” should help stop the rain from leaking in and rotting out the shiny new floor.